Quantum Dots for SALE (Research or Commercial)

Quantum Materials Corp has scientifically structured high performance, high quality Cadmium Selenide Solterra Quantum DotsTetrapod Quantum Dots (TQD’s) and have now added Giant Tetrapod Quantum Dots (gTQD’s) having superior performance. These extremely desirable TQD’s and gTQD’s are available for use in the Biotechnology, Semiconductor, Medical, Optoelectronics, Solar, Military, Security and Aerospace research fields. The proprietary CONTINUOUS FLOW manufacturing process of group II-VI metals and elements provides an enhanced longevity composition, a unique stabile structure and the capability of meeting select wavelength emission criteria over previous generations of Quantum Dots.  Leading the market with Cost, Quality, Quantity it’s more likely you can economically commercialize your product with QMC Tetrapod Quantum Dots. Products and processes requiring exceptional performance have gTQD’s available. They are non blinking, non photobleaching and suppress Auger recombination!

Now there are Nano-Objects for nanobio, flexibility for shapes other than tetrapods e.g., spheres/rods and the choice of materials used to produce the quantum dots, including Cadmium Free Quantum Dots (CFQD) and Metallic Oxides, Cadmium free inorganic metals, elements and other biologically inert materials.

Send inquires via E-mail to: inquires@QMCdots.com
Click HERE to contact via company site


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2 Responses to “Quantum Dots for SALE (Research or Commercial)”

  1. Edward Wade Says:

    Interested in what is available in quantum dots.

    Edward Wade

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