QTMM Quantum Dots Rumored For iPhone 6 Display?

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If the rumor comes to fruition should the competition be worried?
An investor on IHub(DDHawk) has this take, that I agree with, as to why the competition should be worried:
Our Giant Tetrapod Quantum Dots (GTQD’s) are:
[1] 10 to 100X brighter & remain
[2] highly stable (luminescent & non-blinking) for much longer (comparative) metrics (if not indefinitely) at a
[3] higher light output with less heat generation , which
[4] extends product service life. QMC has effectively mitigated the troubling
[5] ‘aggregation’ problem all other QDot manufacturers have stumbled-on (as Steve basically mapped-out in his LinkedIn comment today). For most intents & purposes, our giant thick-shelled CdSe TQD’s could be considered
[6] non-toxic (below RoHS levels) due to having a far lower CdSe (heavy metals) content and needing less QD’s because of their better results while being
[7] heavily encased within the durable…

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