QTMM Quantum Dots Rumored For iPhone 6 Display?

If the rumor comes to fruition should the competition be worried?
An investor on IHub has this take, that I agree with, as to why the competition should be worried:
Our Giant Tetrapod Quantum Dots (GTQD’s) are:
[1] 10 to 100X brighter & remain
[2] highly stable (luminescent & non-blinking) for much longer (comparative) metrics (if not indefinitely) at a
[3] higher light output with less heat generation , which
[4] extends product service life. QMC has effectively mitigated the troubling
[5] ‘aggregation’ problem all other QDot manufacturers have stumbled-on (as Steve basically mapped-out in his LinkedIn comment today). For most intents & purposes, our giant thick-shelled CdSe TQD’s could be considered
[6] non-toxic (below RoHS levels) due to having a far lower CdSe (heavy metals) content and needing less QD’s because of their better results while being
[7] heavily encased within the durable 6 to 19-layer thick,
[8] selectivity/uniformity enhanced end-product nano-particle shell….all of which takes place in the
[9] low-cost
[10] automated micro-reactor process on
[11] an industrial scale , which FlowId has already expeditiously adapted to our
[12] newly acquired GTQD tech. And as an added bonus , these GTQD’s are able to be made
[13] application-specific & the higher stability allows for a
[14] greater ‘on’ time , which results in a much higher number of
[15] MEG (multiple exciton generation) reactions , particularly when
[16] interspersed onto sheets of graphene… MEG; the holy grail of renewable energy…producing more energy than is being taken in.
[17] overcoming the ‘photobleaching’ effect
[18] overcoming the Stokes Shift limitations
[19] overcoming the auger recombination effect
[20] customized arm lengths for specific apps
[21] customized arm chemistry for electro & pharma-chemical reactive apps
[22] multiple arms for a far greater series of effects & apps than spherical QD’s
By my count, that makes 22 unique & formidable characteristics/attributes that put QMC GTQD’s head-&-shoulders above the competition. In-all; what’s not to like😉 Definitely something to consider if you’re an investor: OTCQB ticker: QTMM

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