Quantum Dot Revelation!

The following write-up is courtesy of TheQMan.

“The industrial revolution opened doors unimaginable to people before the turn of the 19th century. The automobile caused an economic revolution and may have been the greatest invention of the 20th century. Henry Ford did not, in fact, invent the automobile per say, though he played an imperative role in the automotive industry – turning an expensive concept into an affordable convenience. Which leads me to believe that fuel would not be the rich commodity it is today without his technique of mass production. At the time, the supply for fuel wasn’t in the same demand we see today; however, a century later and we are going to war for this commodity.

Jump several decades and endless achievements accomplished by humans into the future, and we see a new era evolve. The technological age. We can further skip to the beginning of the digital revolution. Lets begin in late 70s, early 80s and see the personal computer be born. Perhaps, in retrospect, Steve Jobs paved the path for QMC. The end goal for Jobs was to interconnect the world with /Apple and the iPhone. He in fact, achieved his goal. Apple continues to drive Jobs’ vision further. In comparison, Stephen Squires and QMC looks to touch base on everything from solar energy to biotechnology, integrating nanotech and quantum dot materials within the world’s every fiber. Like Henry Ford, Jobs was not the first to tap into his niche market, the personal computer; however he was able to mass produce an “impractical machine” and turn it into a world wide phenomenon. After the new millennium, great advancements in television broadened the spectrum for display technology. Then smartphones followed suit with the touch screen. This in turn was a cosmic boom if you will. A series of events that would inherently lead man to the discovery of quantum dots – which were actually discovered in the 1980s, with nanotechnology first being brought to light in 1959. Stephen Squires and QMC have proven how quantum dots and advanced materials can be scaled and mass produced. We will certainly see large growth in these areas in the upcoming year and many years to follow. Like Ford and Jobs, Squires is undoubtedly one of the great innovators in his considerable area, a significant influence that has revolutionized nanotechnology.

Like all machines they need a power source, for example: energy. Like the automobile, it too needs an “energy”. In its case, fuel. With such a great demand for this kind of “energy”, the world has developed a way to help ease and aide the automobile industry’s stress on fuel efficiency. And here we exit tunnel vision and the electric car is brought into view. In hindsight, we too have found ourselves the “electric car”. And yes, I am talking about quantum dots. Our technology will re-revolutionize the digital revolution. Though, that is only the beginning. Display technology is just the sexy icon for our visual world. I am talking about a technology that is a more powerful energy source than fossil fuels. A technology that doesn’t disrupt our diminishing ozone layer and affect climate change, pollute our oceans or cause harm to our very existence and to the world in which we live. Did I mention it’s renewable energy? Let us overcome the old demographic; enlighten the world and show mankind we need innovative and hazardous free ways to fuel our world. Before our technology was an inconceivable notion, that wasn’t ready for market; well this isn’t the industrial revolution, this is the quantum dot revelation. So I bring you back one hundred years or so, and I ask you; would you invest in fuel?

TheQMan did a nice piece and hopefully you SEE THE LIGHT! The “quantum dot revelation” is a whole new future and for those interested in investing in the technology, the ticker symbol is QTMM.

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