Quantum Materials Asia -2 Facilities for China

Read this press release http://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2017/01/30/911924/0/en/GTG-and-QMA-Report-150-Million-RMB-Investment-by-China-Government-Guidance-Fund-and-Siting-of-Production-Facilities-in-Beijing-and-Changde-Economic-Development-Zones.html

then read the below message:

Looking from and thru the eyes of someone that was inside the company, Art (PuraVida19) has volunteered the following:
http://investorshangout.com/post/view?id=4326961 or https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10154280521407944&id=59190877943

“The following is based on my personal thoughts and should not be relied on as investment advice of any sort. I do not know the future, and events can occur that sometimes cannot be foreseen. Please do your own due diligence and decide for yourself as you see fit.

QMC and QMA are separate profit making companies. (Note that the QMA board is structured 50/50 QMC/China.) QMC owns 25% of QMA due to China business regulations, but QMC gets 50% of distributed profits. It does not go to individuals. Those distributions could be retained by QMC at first to fund its own JVs or QMC could decide to issue dividends at some point. No one knows, because that is a business decision to be decided at the time.

Profits are what are left over after taxes and whats kept for operations and growth investment. One sale to a display manufacturer is possibly hundreds of millions dollars. The price per gram for QD is considerable, and over 100 million QD displays are forecast for 4 or so years from now. Its hard for even me to comprehend numbers that high.

I cannot give a price that QMC QD cost because the market mostly determines the price, and the price will differ with terms and such. There are many ways to structure a large transaction, and the people in charge of QMC are experts and the proof is staying in business so long without sales! LOL

It is hoped there will be a QMA IPO when profitable. No one knows the structure of the distribution of shares in an IPO because there is a lot of legalese. QMC already owns 25% of the shares and if they do an IPO for QMA then QMC shareholders probably get 25% of the shares of QMA less what is allocated to the public in the IPO sale and commissions proportionally, etc No one at this time knows how many shares QMA will decide to issue, so it is impossible to determine how many shares an investor will receive. Until QMA/QMC decide anything, the above statements are all speculation.

But I can say that by being in a JV like QMA, Quantum Materials should profit from the value of finished products as partners with manufacturers and which will return more profits than just QD kilo sales. I believe the QMA facilities in the Economic Development Zones may be like QMC in STAR Park in San Marcos, but on a much, much larger scale and with funding for buildout, projects and expansion. I would equate them to a startup DOE National Lab in eventual scope. There will be two of them, one in the north, one in the south. I expect they will have different focuses. The US has 27 or so National Labs so you can see how important they can be for research. I tried personally for years to get the attention and interest of the DOE for something similar as QMA, but they would not even return my emails. I believe that the DOE employees are busy as heck serving all their clients, those that have grants, and will not talk to anyone outside that system. They just do not have the time. They are inundated and overworked and I came to understand that fact after repeated attempts to get through, and I had to accept it.

Finally, there is nothing to stop QMC from selling QD to QMA, and there is no reason to think QMA has to wait until buildings are built. They can use other locations temporarily. I am sure they will be welcome. There is also nothing to stop QMC from selling to western companies, and forming JVs with them too. I know from my time there that they want to do that, too.

In one of my posts on the other board I answered the big question WHEN? so I won’t repeat it here. Please don’t spoil the surprise of the answer by posting it here.
Thanks, GLTA and Kind Regards, Art


“There are no limits.
There are only plateaus,
and you must not stay there,
you must go beyond them.”
~~ Bruce Lee ”

OK, I’ll make it easy for you here. The answer to the question of WHEN is in post #4955 and this is it:

What’s different? China doubled down!
Two land deals, one north, one south.
Funding two R&D centers
Investing in two Production facilities.
Fastracking buildout for third quarter.
This allows QMCAsia to increase the research
of both Nanocrystals and products –
Displays – Lighting – Solar and work closely with
product developers and pure researchers.

What else?
GTG connected to BOE (Best of Everything)
BOE largest Display (and many other products)
manufacturer in China.

Anyone who waits for the announcement of a
contract at this point is leaving money on the
table and is an utter failure at understanding
the importance of relationships in business,
especially in eastern cultures. This has been
in the works for over two years. It did not happen
overnight. You won’t get rich overnight. But if
you are looking to get into an Intel when
they both started out, and hold it until they
start throwing off dividends from all the JVs
and industries they get into, this is it.

Do your DD. I think Art laid it out, now it’s up to you!



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