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QMC’s Quantum Dot Industry Growth Potential = Nothing less than Explosive!

October 19, 2012

Quantum Materials Corp  is the catalyst! – ticker QTMM

August 18, 2012 According to a new market research report, “Quantum Dots (QD) Market – Global Forecast & Analysis (2012 – 2022)” published by MarketsandMarkets (, the total market for Quantum dots is expected to reach $7480.25 million (7.48 billion) by 2022,  at a CAGR of 55.2% from 2012 to 2022. [3] This is in line with previous predictions: The global market for QDs, which in 2010 is estimated to generate $67 million in revenues, is projected to grow over the next 5 years at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 58.3%, reaching almost $670 million by 2015, representing a tenfold increase. Following the initially modest revenues generated by standalone colloidal QDs—primarily serving the life sciences, academic, and other industrial research and development (R&D) communities—within the next 2 years several significant product launches are expected with colloidal or in situ QD underpinnings. These will bolster market revenue considerably. The biggest growth sectors will be in optoelectronics, solar energy, optics, and electronics, adding to strong growth already established in the biomedical sector. Specific QDbased products include lasers, sensors, Flash memory, lighting and displays, second and third-generation solar panels, security deterrents, and several enhancements to portable devices.[1] 

Katharine Sanderson wrote for the Nature Journal June 10, 2009:

There’s gold at the end of this rainbow. Nanocrystals called quantum dots have promised to revolutionize display technologies, solar power and biological imaging for more than a decade. Yet the quantum-dot market has remained small, with a handful of companies selling dots directly to researchers, using the particles to develop their own products or licensing their technologies to partners. [2]

Quantum dots have been around for quite a while, but they’re taking a really long time to mature,” says David Hwang of the market-analysis company Lux Research in New York. A key barrier is price: quantum dots can cost anywhere from US$3,000 to $10,000 per gram, restricting their use to highly specialized applications.  (QMC has taken that significant barrier down.)

But industry analysts are now predicting extremely rapid growth for the market over the next few years, driven by demand for energy-efficient displays and lighting, and enabled by cheaper, more efficient manufacturing processes. In September 2008, market-research company BCC Research of Wellesley, Massachusetts, predicted that the market for products relying on quantum dots would grow from $28.6 million in 2008 to $721 million by 2013, with particularly rapid growth in the optoelectronics sector from 2010 (see graph).

It was brought to my attention and I have to say the projections made are about 2-3 years behind by the current standards.  Developments in solar using Quantum Dots didn’t develop as fast as expected and is an obvious example looking at the chart. Pretty much all the markets that were expected to use QD”s are far below the projections.  Do you know any company other than Nanoco that has received over a million for QD’s for any use? The only uses have been in the research fields to date, developing the products that can be commercialized when QD’s become economical. Since the commercialization of products has taken in inordinate amount of time, it tells me there could be a lot of pent-up demand building for QD’s. So the prediction above of extreme rapid growth may just be right on the mark if not an under statement.                                                                               Courtesy BCC Research

Michael Edelman, Nanoco’s chief executive, says “If this market is going to take off we’ll need a lot of material.”(2) The last couple years have found many new applications for Quantum Dot use. Current and future applications of QDs impact a broad range of industrial markets. These include, for example, biology and biomedicine; computing and memory; electronics and displays; optoelectronic devices such as LEDs, lighting, and lasers; optical components used in telecommunications; and security applications such as covert identification tagging or biowarfare detection sensors.[1]

Quantum Materials Corp. (USA)  can now provide the low cost, high volume, high quality quantum dots that will fuel the growth in the various industries worldwide because of their continuous flow process. Mass production of Quantum dots will be the catayst that provides the cross over from product research to commercialization. The numerous markets and the explosive growth potential leaves plenty of room for others to try and compete also. Try they will and just as Enterprise, Avis, Hertz, Budget are all prosperous, the nanotechnology field for quantum dots will be no different as it matures. But it’s always better to be the MARKET LEADER and NUMBER ONE.

Quantum Materials Corp. (USA) the global play that’s about to pay.

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